About Us

We are a small team of two here at K9Delights. Our inspiration came from our Doberman, Coco. We brought her home back in March of 2023. After countless research on current dog treats on the market, we just weren't satisfied with the few, healthy options there were in today's current market. Many of these treats are high in sugar, salt, and chemicals that no dog should consume on a regular basis or even at ALL. This is what got us thinking. What are foods that are not only beneficial for dogs, but also great for feeding their K9 instincts? Are there any treats that can be naturally made without all of the harmful ingredients? How can we safely create these treats for our Coco and other dogs? 

These thoughts are what brought K9Delights into the picture. We wanted to make it our mission to bring a change to the current market for dog treats. Our way of doing so, is by creating 100% natural single-ingredient, dog treats. All ethically sourced by local farms, with zero additives, coloring or preservatives. Created just for your fur babies, with love...

In doing so, we are also supporting our local farmers. All of our protein options are raised on farms and required to meet our standards of animal welfare. Which is, to be humanely raised, have access to food, water, space and medical care. Rest assured, your fur babies are eating quality protein. Protein, that is in fact raised of high quality for human consumption. We take the parts that are super beneficial for pets and make some delightful, healthy treats for your fur babies.

Your purchases help us in supporting local farmers. With that being said, we thank you for being apart of our mission and for joining the K9Delights family.

With Love & Gratitude, 

The K9Delights Family